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Thermal Hot Water and Solar Pool Heating

The solar energy industry is growing rapidly in the United States. With the rapidly growing industry there are many different options you can explore when deciding to go solar. One category many consumers overlook is thermal hot water heating and solar pool heating. One of your homes largest energy consumers is heating your water with electricity. Electric hot water heating can consume up to 30% of your homes electrical needs. An alternative to this extremely pricey energy hog is Thermal Hot Water. These systems can be installed at a quarter of the price of electric power and pay themselves off much faster than the common solar electric panel. Thermal hot water systems do not feed energy back to the grid so as power providers reduce the buy back rate for conventional electricity these systems return of investment go unaffected. Thermal Hot Water is also one of the greenest forms of solar due to all of the components being recyclable copper, they will never end up in a landfill being unused. If interested in powering your home with solar look into Solar Water Heating and give us a call if you have any questions.

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