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The Pros and Cons of Micro-inverters in South Louisiana

Due to the hot humid environment in south Louisiana many solar energy system owners have been left with multiple faulty Enphase Micro-inverters. When this product first hit the market the design was meant to provide customers with shade issues a resolution for more energy production. Since micro-inverters provide at panel location monitoring where each module works as a stand alone system this was a solution. However with resolutions to one problem another arose. At A-Z Solar Services we have been installing Enphase micro-inverters for 15 years and the early generation have not been able to withstand the test of time. Customers are spending thousands to have their inverters replaced. Although Enphase offers a 25 year warranty on all products getting them to honor this warranty is another story. For the most part they do not give issues when it is only a couple defective modules but getting multiple units replaced can be a task in itself. Enphase claims that the composite case they use for their new models "IQ7, IQ7+,IQ8" decimate heat much better. Hopefully the future of micro-inverters are brighter than the past.

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