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Communication Benefits of a Locally Owned Solar Business

Making a big decision to invest into a solar energy system should come with a personal guarantee of communication with an educated solar specialist. Through the years of working for larger companies in the solar industry and being

able to observe the communication barrier between customers and experienced solar professionals in times of crisis such as hurricanes or power outages, we decided to capitalize on strong communication with our customers. Being aware that most customers need a strong line of communication with their installers so they can keep their lights on, we designed our business plan around a 24/7 direct phone line to your installer. Unlike many large companies that don't answer the phone or have call centers with employees with no solar knowledge, at A-Z Solar Services you always talk to an experienced solar professional and we are on call 24/7! So when deciding to go solar keep in mind how hard it is to get through to an experienced technician for help and will a direct line of communication be available in times of emergency.

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